Another day in the life of Roger

Well what does one say when it’s snowing and the temp is only 12* ?  Well the new year has started and watching the Ball drop in Times Square was nice but no way would I ever go there with 1 million people standing around for hours and once you leave you can’t get back in or that is if you can leave , and what about going to the bathroom? Omg that would stop me right there in my tracks…… I do find the best seat in the house is in my house, close to the bathroom , the refrigerator and what ever I wanted to eat, want a pizza……pick up the phone, make a sandwich ……go to the refrigerator and get one, that’s it so easy and so comfortable sitting in my recliner , enjoying my sweetheart and the dog passing gas from time to time, it was great, I love them both very much. So let’s see what this new year brings, now my Resolution for this year is, be a better person in everyone’s life mostly my sweet ladies life, make her happy as much as I can. That’s first and second lose weight so I can be sexy again ??? Well health anyway. Enough for tonight see you all later.


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